A father knitted his baby’s first year of sleep pattern data into a blanket

Seung Lee has created a tangible and very gentle representation of her baby's first-year sleep patterns in the form of a woven blanket. Lee collected the sleep data by registering them manually with the Baby Connect application, and used JavaScript and Python to convert the data to visualize the tissue pattern. Then, he built an HTML / Javascript tool based on the browser that tracked the colors of the stitches and allowed him to consult it from any point where he was knitting. The result is The Sleep Blanket, a beautiful memory that tells the story of the first year of the baby and the parents.

The 42 x 45 inch blanket is made up of 185,000 points and took Lee over three months. With each row representing a single day, the top row marks the day the baby was born, and the bottom row is the baby's first birthday. Each stitch represents six minutes of awake (gray) or sleep (blue) time, so the blanket will read & # 39; from left to right, with the stitch to the left marking 12:00 AM and the stitch to the right ending at 11:54 PM.

The change in sleep pattern towards the end of the blanket can be attributed to a trip through the country that the family made to celebrate the baby's birthday. Lee says he considered adjusting the time stamps, but kept them as part of the story.

The precision of the knitting makes it an excellent medium for data visualization, such as the time when a German traveler marked all the times that his train was delayed in a rail delay scarf. The scarf was auctioned on eBay for charitable purposes at $ 8,650, but the sleep blanket, which captures the chaos of a baby's first year settling at a steady pace, is priceless.

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