A conservative audit of Facebook’s speech policies is running behind schedule

On Monday, Facebook's leftist-inspired citizenship audit urged the social networks to remove restrictions on white nationalist content by removing additional words, phrases, and symbols. The audit was announced as a prejudice against Facebook a year ago, and the company has provided two updates to its actions on the Board's findings.

However, the Civil Rights Commissioners tried to independently review Facebook's half-potential bias, and the other half was largely gone. Axios :

As reported by Sara Fischer at the time, on May 1, 2018 – on the day of the publication of the Civil Rights audit, the company "Conservative Advice Alliance" Kyl Senator Jon Kylan of the Arizona Republican Party will lead his team with Washington's law firms Covington and Burling. Kyl will investigate concerns about claims . Liberal bias Internally and on its services. I will be able to hear directly from conservative groups and advise on the best way to work with the group I will be working on.

The conservative public policy think tank, The Heritage Foundation will convene a meeting on this issue with Facebook executives.

Then Kiel was appointed to serve the remainder of John McCain's term, slowing things down. His committee did not disclose public reports and did not submit recommendations. A Facebook spokesperson spoke to me about the Kyl project today:

Senator Kyl and his team talked to over 130 of the nation's major conservative groups and individuals to see how our policies affect their communities and their communities. The team now meets Facebook policy and product team members to better understand Facebook's internal and external policies and products and services.

It is not clear when this team's report will be available. Even if Facebook's claim is true, can it be trusted by someone of the intended audience?

Read Tony Romm at the Washington Post on Tuesday

White's upcoming "Social Media Summit" House:

So far, Leaders' Meeting "to discuss" opportunities and challenges in today's online environment. " In doing so, the White House quietly invited Tech's most conservative critics in politics and media. Some point out that Silicon Valley political prejudices dismantle or aggressively regulate large technology companies. […]

Trump told Fox News that Facebook, Google, and Twitter were "against me" before they suggested that the government "take action", repeating criticism of social media companies and telling Tucker Carlson organizers .

There is no evidence that social networks routinely suppress the mainstream conservative view. encourages a conservative perspective with more liberals.) The idea found that social networks are liberals are popular with conservative audiences. "Bias" for a series of theater congressional hearing

where lawmakers unveiled Silicon Valley technology workers' free-vote records and the mystery algorithm is giving up freedom of speech. As I wrote here in May, Expanded to include one negative result. And the Trump administration has worked to accelerate this process, notably through an interrupted effort to collect people's complaints about social networks via online forms.

Conservative legislators seem to have been too invested in the idea that they are being discriminated against. On the contrary, it is hard to imagine that Jon Kyl could say that he would change his mind. Above all, extending the ban on white nationalist terms will only strengthen the idea that Facebook is suppressing certain forms of political speech. Because it is actually in a narrow range.

Perhaps a conservative adviser will come up with a smart compromise that will allow you to rest assured that Facebook engineers are not trying to help measure the political discourse. But recent history suggests that popular falsehoods on Facebook can hardly be killed. "Facebook sells your data" is one; "Facebook is listening to your cell phone." Is another. The "Facebook censors" are likely to join the creed of that depressing myth.


In yesterday's edition I hate Facebook's Wartime Speech Queue test

Facebook spokesperson suggested some notes.

  • The moderator volunteers for the test and can opt out.
  • Most volunteers provide the following information: You have decided not to opt out.
  • Easier access to policy specialists that the host does not like.
  • Ongoing training on gray areas in policies and attending Q & A sessions.

"Content slowing is still a fairly new field, and no one has fully grasped it." We will work hard to care for people who have chosen to work in content review. "

Democratic Party

Pre-regulation of social networks? In the US? I did not know that I could see that day, Makena Kelly reports

Until Congress and regulators investigated the potential risks to the global financial system, they asked for the development of Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency project, Libra, and digital wallet Calibra [19659034]chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters (D-CA) implied the same move last month as soon as the project was released. Waters' letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Calibra CEO David Marcus formulated the request several weeks ago. With the exception of Waters, this letter was signed by the subcommittee leaders of the House Financial Services Commission

As Facebook cracked down on counterfeit political advertising, businesses became involved in crossfire.

Megan Graham reports that

However, due to changes in Facebook's AI system, it is not limited to political advertising. Many advertisers blind the fact that advertisers mention social issues (such as marketing for "green") That, although not claiming to be caught in the digital nets of Facebook advertisers he said. CNBC has talked with eight advertisers who have had various issues with reporting. Many have characterized the system as over-wide and confusing.

Reported ads may end with limbo while waiting for human review, and sometimes it may take a few days for approval. Small business advertisers often do not have quick access to human reviewers to appeal to people, often saying that they are automatically flagged, especially because they're influenced by political ad filters.

Recognizing LGBTQ rights to SCOTUS

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Pinterest belong to more than 200 companies that simply claim existing laws on sex discrimination to protect LGBTQ people. Ina Fried reports:

The Supreme Court will raise this question in three cases expected at the next meeting.

Google's puzzle was supposed to save the internet.

"The story of Google's Internet Freedom" has its mission to use technology to make the world safer. But the office environment is disastrous. Current employees and former employees tell Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai:

"As others have reported on the motherboard, there has been a support group for people to get out of the damned team." Current and former staff members helping women leave the team, depending on how bad the abuse and discrimination are "

A couple of years ago, according to two sources that many women work at Jigsaw with other colleagues, mascara, moisturizing spray, and other items in which distressed employees can hide tears

Germany penalizes Facebook for underreporting complaints.

"German authorities imposed a fine of 2 million euros ($ 2.3 million) in fines. Complaints about illegal content that violate the law on Internet transparency on social media platforms, "says Thomas Escritt.

According to Germany's Network Transparency Act, social media platforms must report the number of complaints of illegal content received.

According to Germany's Network Transparency Act, a social media platform should report the number of complaints about illegal content.


They find cancer cures through Facebook and YouTube and are sucked into the world.Lying medicine [19659052] The following is a three-part story: Abby Ohlheiser

Last autumn, we found a video from Mary in the fall of 2006. Searching for a smoothie recipe opened the algorithm tuning of the video.

False, misleading and potentially dangerous "cures" of cancer and the web of conspiracy theory are not. These tunnels falsified by Google Search and Facebook recommendations are relatively healthy for theory, false claims, and miracle juices.

It's right there for those who accidentally found it It's tempting to listen to bad news and ask people for answers more often.

Facebook, YouTube

On Tuesday, Daniela Hernandez and Robert McMillan will discuss the

The journal survey found false information about the wide range of cancer treatments available on social media sites. The journal talks to dozens of oncologists, patients, lawyers, privacy experts, and company representatives and quantifies the range of social media accounts that have promoted scientifically unverified cancer therapies.

This YouTube video, which has been watched millions of times as of Monday, advocates the use of a cellulite or necrotizing ointment called a black medicine to treat skin cancer. Ointment can inadvertently burn or kill healthy skin and does not remove cancer growth under the skin, as some of the videos claim, said Professor David Gorski, a professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Blog Science based medicine. Sensitive Health Claims

On Tuesday, Facebook announced today that it has taken steps to reduce the spread of exaggerated health claims in news feeds.

We have posts that people are sensual or spammy. Misleading health content is not particularly good for our community. So last month we updated our rankings twice to reduce postings (1) with exaggerated or sensational health claims (1) and posts (2) that sell products or services based on health claims.

Facebook censors harmful abatement posts that can save the life of opioid users

Speaking of health information, Maia Szalavitz said that Facebook's effort to post opioids I am telling you that this is an unfortunate falsehood.

Facebook launches Partnership for Drug-Free Kids campaign "Stop Opioid Silence" and other campaigns to combat the overdose crisis. Persistent advocates in the field are seeing unacceptable changes. Over the last few months, accounts have been disabled, groups have disappeared, posts containing specific content (especially fentanyl-related) have been removed, and one social media manager has been banned for life with Facebook ads.

To stop selling opioids on the site, Facebook appears to block people who warn users about toxic drug placement or provide materials used to test fentanyl and other pollutants. Just as the web security filters of the 1990s mistook the Breast Cancer Research Center as a pornographic site, today's Internet is struggling to distinguish between drug dealers and groups and is working to reduce deaths from overdose crises. VICE has reviewed the screenshots and emails to support this story.

Adidas' Social Media Campaign Back Pays, Sends Anti-Semitic Tweets

It has been seven years since Mountain Dew has asked fans for a new taste. 4chan manipulated the survey results and made the victory taste "Hitler did Nothing Wrong". We will end the social media promotion with user-generated content, but Adidas will be using the new Arsenal kits to tweet specific hashtags. Lauren Thomas Report:

"@ GasAllJewss", "@MadelineMcCann" and "@ 96wasnotenough" Campaign aborted when an account with the same twitter started tweeting.

People started creating or repurposing Twitter accounts with fake names. DareToCreate. After the shirt was made, a message such as "Innocent Hitler" was posted from behind.

People with that account were referring to tragic events such as the Hillsborough disaster. It was the worst situation in British sports history. 96 people were trampled in the stadium. 1989, Missing the British Child Madeleine Macand 2007.

Disrespect's short ban breaks the Twitch community.

Beahm & # 39; s wanders in the male toilets during live streaming and pauses for two weeks at Twitch Has been. Julia Alexander writes in a discussion on whether you should hang on to twitches shortly after wandering into the bathroom during live streaming (is it okay for two weeks?).

The suspension period for Twente is already controversial. The flag complains that the distortion is not transparent with the reason that a person of a particular nature can receive a certain length of suspension, and that others who do something similar can see all the other punishments. Alexandra Orlando, a ghost who has undergone a twist in the last four years, said Beahm's swift resolution is a big step in spite of the mature culture.

Nilay Patel interviewed Sarah T. Roberts, professor at UCLA in Vergecast about a new book.

"Trinich rules are some crime"

Why AI can not modify content review . Behind the screen: Content mediation in the shadow of social media


Instagram's new Stories sticker allows followers to request a new group chat.

Instagram has earned a high score for a long time. Participation Snapchat comes from young people trading endless messages. Now there is a sticker that encourages friends to send messages instead of listening. Ashley Carman:

Using Instagram's latest Stories sticker, ask your followers to join a new group chat and give the poster the right to choose who can join. This new feature, called chat stickers, combines with a number of stickers introduced by Instagram in Stories, including surveys, question boxes, mentions, locations, hashtags and countdowns. The chat stickers are relatively simple, and Instagram is positioned as a solution for people who want to talk to or plan for a large group of things.

No, Russian twitter troll called Trump (19659083) Philip Bump debunks (debumps?): Recent research that found a correlation between Russian bot tweets and Trump voting numbers in the 2016 elections

Other researchers The analysis performed here. We certainly can not say that the vote has not changed as a result of Russia's misinformation about Twitter, or that no one has been affected by political views. This study can be said to be worthy of considerable skepticism, especially for those looking for evidence that the Russian trolley has given the election to Trump.

The United States needs to see Amazon tax returns

Russell Brandom can not have a good discussion about tax laws until he knows how much Amazon actually pays.

Much of what we know about Amazon taxes comes from the company's SEC sources and is described in the Wall Street Journal. These documents list the company's "current terms" for taxes, which is basically the amount expected to be remitted to the US government this year. In the 2018 application, this figure was imposed on the company's net tax refund of $ 122 million, a gain of $ 1.1 billion. That's where the candidate gets the idea that Amazon is pushing for taxes, but that figure no longer tells Amazon's actual tax burden more than Apple's receipt tells you the actual phone bill. Current regulations may include tax disputes that occurred in the previous year or may be lowered due to future delays. There is also a scarcity of domestic and overseas tax payments that Amazon earns a high $ 2.6 billion in revenues. But if you are researching data on whether Amazon is paying for a fair distribution, it's a tough time.

It is bizarre and should not be continued. Amazon tax returns are a matter of legitimate public interest, and major politicians should speculate on them. Amazon is a company that forms a huge world and it is entirely fair to ask whether it pays a fair distribution. But if you know what a business actually pays and why, you can only make legitimate policy decisions. The best way is to get the information directly from the source.

And finally …

Drew Gooden's miniature play trying to sell the lamp in the Facebook Marketplace resonates with the person who tried to sell it.

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