A brief history of cutdown game consoles

It is not surprising that Nintendo announced the redesign of the switch, but it will be surprising that Switch Lite has lost its ability to switch systems . The new revision is designed for handheld playback only, so it does not have the ability to play it on a detachable controller, walker, or TV.

It is the same way as a video game console. While the new generation of hardware offers much more powerful features and functionality, revisions within the same generation often go a step further. Whether it's a compromise to cut costs or a particular factor, the current three console makers have released several machines that have killed various functions.

The function is meaningful to you.

a brief history of cutdown game consoles


Nintendo has been working on this since its first home console, NES. Launched in 1993, the NES-101 was the new design of the NES in 1985, with the new controller, the highest load cartridge slot and sticker priced at only $ 49.99. The hardware was mostly the same, but the composite video and audio outputs were removed, so I had to connect to the TV with an RF connection.

Nintendo's New-Style Super redesigned SNES removed the power LED and eject button and reduced video output options. S-Video and RGB have been discarded as dedicated synthesis ports. The New-Style Super NES does not have an expansion port that was only used for Japan-specific Satellaview peripherals that allow users to access games and other content via satellite broadcasts.

Nintendo 64 came without change and GameCube did not receive redesign. (Unless you count Panasonic Q, which looks like a toaster and has a Japan-only DVD player with GameCube). However, the GameCube received a quiet revision, but we removed the video output again. Since the models manufactured since 2004 have removed the Digital AV component cable port, the system no longer supports the 480p progressive scan mode.

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Wii Mini.

The Wii has succeeded GameCube and is common with previous products, including full backwards compatibility and ports for memory cards and controllers. However, this feature was abandoned in the fifth year after it was released with the 2011 hardware revision, eliminating backward compatibility and no longer using the Wii's symbolic stand. Instead, this model is intended to sit horizontally under the TV. Nintendo redesigned the Wii logo to 90 degrees and brought it home.

The Wii Mini was a much more dramatic reduction. It looked completely different from the original Wii with red and black bodies and a top loading disk drive. More importantly, it removes all Internet functionality as well as backward compatibility, which literally means playing Wii discs. Sales also increased in 2013, even at $ 99.99.

The early portable version of Nintendo tended to be a straightforward improvement that replaced its predecessor in every way. For example, unless you've missed the original Game Boy's green screen in a much improved Game Boy Pocket, or the Pocket's contrast does not turn into a much more powerful Game Boy Color. In 2001, with Game Boy Advance, even the jump to a new generation preserved all the features of Game Boy Color.

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Game Boy Advance SP.

But things get complicated. The first revision of the Game Boy Advance, the SP, was released in 2003 and was generally received as a result of the folding design, which usually includes a front light display. But Nintendo was also a pioneer of fate because he decided that throwing away the headphone jack would not be a big deal. Aria of Sorrow If you want to listen to the soundtrack with reasonable fidelity, you should buy a dongle.

This was less convenient than today. Nintendo games such as Game Boy AirPods went back to Game Boy Micro in 2005. The small, high quality screen and headphone jack reproduce the sophisticated design. Micro, however, had its own drawbacks in that it broke the compatibility of the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games with the entire library.

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Game Boy Advance SP headphone dongle.

Nintendo DS released the same year had the same Advance-only Game Boy compatibility. In 2006, DS Lite was a very smart improvement, with a brighter screen and a harder design for the same internal structure. But in 2009, the DSi was a more complex upgrade proposal.

On the other hand, DSi was the most important mid-range upgrade Nintendo released. It has a larger screen, faster processor and RAM than the DS Lite, added two cameras (a very bad camera), 256MB of internal storage, and the ability to download DSiWare games from an online store. The design was much smoother than the DS Lite and the onboard OS was much more complete.

On the other hand, the DSi completely dismantled the secondary cartridge slot and completely cut off the Nintendo link to the Game Boy. This did not affect backward compatibility. The games that use the gameboy slots for accessories such as Rumble Pak and the unusual Guitar Grip of the Guitar Hero series are quite significant, and the DSi and its big variant, the DSi XL,

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The Nintendo 2DS.

3DS was a completely new platform with lots of new features and it's not lost, its life is over, 3DS XL is somewhat It was a big version, but New 3DS was a middle-aged version that added more control and improved technology, but nothing went away over time.

2DS looks strange, The 2D version of the console with 3D as its main selling point – Many high-end movie titles have stopped 3D support, and the final 3DS revision, the 2DS XL, was the best for users who do not care about their features.

The modified internal mechanism and the AV output originally issued various versions of PlayStations The most important result was the removal of the RCA jack of the first model and later the RCA jack became a worshiper after the audiophile group 2000 Although the serial port was removed as the PSOne redesign for the year became smaller, the serial port used for the PSoine link cable was removed, but if it did not, nothing was missed. An almost unused parallel port has already been removed from the previous revision

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Original Sony PlayStation Edition

PlayStation 2 has also undergone minor adjustments. Do you know that there is a FireWire port at run time? ? – Before embarking on a more substantial redesign. But this time there was much more drastic change. In 2004, the "PS2 Slim" was shrinking in size, leaving room for the bulky 3.5-inch drive bays of the original model that housed the network adapters.

Because of the built-in Ethernet port on the PS2 Slim, there was a problem with the online game itself. However, the console stopped support for the PS2 hard disk drive (a 40GB drive that could shorten the load time for some games) and was needed in some cases. Final Fantasy XI . Due to HDD compatibility issues, the PS2 Slim was not able to run the PS2 version of Linux, so there was less controversy than when Sony had patched it on the PS3.

In fact there was room for controversy in the early PS3 model. Sony has been known for launching an ambitious system for $ 599 and is quickly positioned where it needs to do everything it needs to save money. The console released in Europe in four months after its launch in the United States also outperformed the original model.

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Original PlayStation 3

At first, the PS3 got full hardware-based compatibility with the PS2. Emotion Engine CPU and graphics synthesizer Mount the GPU on the motherboard. For the European launch, the emotion engine was removed and some of the software emulation was not loosened. As a result, Europe's PS3 could only play 72% of the PS2 library, and so did the 80GB model released in the US.

40GB PS3. The model was sold for $ 399 to shrink the cell processor to a power-efficient and cost-effective 60nm, resulting in a significant price reduction that Sony had achieved in part. But this machine has been shrunk in some serious ways. Two USB slots, all flash card readers, Super Audio CD support and backwards compatibility with PS2 have been completely lost. The 40GB PS3 no longer contains a graphics synthesizer and could not play PS2 discs. All subsequent PS3 devices, including two major slim designs, were based on a 40GB feature set.

At the same time, Sony repeated the PlayStation Portable, the first real portable console. In 2008, the PSP-2000 received a few welcoming and minor "slim" updates, and the PSP-3000 provided a much better screen the following year. PSP Go

The PSP Go has always been one of the most innovative console redesigns. It was much smaller than other PSP models. The button was hidden behind the sliding mechanism, and there was no argument, but there was no UMD disk drive. In other words, it was not a real game or a UMD movie. Everything came from the Digital PlayStation Store. Nevertheless, Sony actually paid a fairly high price for the PSP Go over other PSP models. It's no surprise, but Sony has started bundling some free games. It was a time-honored experimental device in some ways. This was the first time console makers attempted to sell a complete retail game digitally.

However, the final PSP model went in the opposite direction. The PSP-E1000 was launched only in Europe in 2011 and was a low budget model without mono speakers and Wi-Fi support. If you really want, you can download and transfer digital games from the PS3, but it was actually a PSP that focused on real discs.

PS Vita, a follow-up to Sony's PSP, won a single redesign and was an interesting proposal at the time. Almost everything about it has been improved: size, weight, battery life. However, switching from a vivid OLED screen of the original model to a perfectly good but boring LCD made it a little cheaper even though the build quality was better. It did not actually lose its functionality. It was like a subjective change. This made the psychedelic lumines step wistful when shoved into the retina.

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Revised PS Vita. 19659036] Microsoft has a history of controversial console revisions. The first Xbox made internal adjustments to increase reliability and defend modding. Microsoft switched to a smaller S-model and replaced the controller again.

Xbox 360 is smaller than the S model in 2010. A dedicated port for the new Kinect sensor, with built-in Wi-Fi and some additional USB ports. The 360S did not eliminate its key features, but it significantly changed storage by removing memory devices and Microsoft's expensive clip-mounted hard drives for regular SATA bays.

The 2013 Xbox 360 E was redesigned to remove component and S-video output, as well as a single USB port, and the visual similarity to the upcoming Xbox One was most prominent. Overall, Microsoft passed the 360 ​​generation without much controversy about hardware revisions. The biggest problem was the original model that malfunctioned.

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Xbox 360 E.

But I know all about what happened on Xbox One. With the launch of Kinect at the forefront of UI and game line-ups launched in 2013, the platform is next to a small, fast and affordable PS4.

Microsoft revised its UI dependency on Kinect and then sold the Xbox One version in 2014 without a sensor. The Xbox One S did not include a Kinect port, and last year we stopped all Kinect USB adapters that were difficult to find by Microsoft.

Xbox One S You will not be able to imagine it at all for the original Xbox One presentation from Microsoft. This is one of the most important console revisions in all time zones. But until S was released, it was not at all controversial.

Because it was a large update in part, I put the 4K Blu-ray drive and HDR support in a much smaller, attractive box. (At the same time, Sony released the PlayStation 4 with a slimmer version that removed the optical audio port.) However, few consumers or developers liked Kinect from the start.

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Xbox One S.

There are things to keep in mind when evaluating products like Nintendo Switch Lite. There are many important features that are missing, but are there a lot of people that you do not want from the beginning?

For a switch, I think the answer is & # 39; yes & # 39 ;. It is a much more impressive handheld than a home system, and its portability is why Nintendo was able to charge $ 299 for the right hardware under the latest console standards. Anyone who can only use it in handheld mode anyway, has the opportunity to buy a portable device that lasts longer and saves $ 100.

You do not have to buy to anyone else. Switch light. There is a rumor that Nintendo is working on a more powerful model. Please wait instead.

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