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There aren't enough apps to help make macOS a productivity dream, but like Alfred, I rarely use it. Think of Alfred as an application that seems to have injected steroids into Spotlight. Alfred boosts productivity 10 times with hundreds of custom actions, best known as workflows.

Alfred Workflows is similar to the Chrome extension. Fortunately, there are huge communities around the world that have already written workflows and are very easy to install. If the workflow doesn't exist, writing it yourself is something that even Alfred beginners can easily solve.

The best Alfred workflows to increase productivity on your Mac are:

1. Text Expansion

This text snippet workflow will be your new friend if you don't like saving time every day and entering dates, email addresses or common phrases. At installation, you can set "snippet" by name, keyword (what you want to enter to activate the snippet).

  Alfred Workflows Snippets Text Expansion

Set or stop all at once. You can easily organize them into groups such as work or home. There is no limit to the number you can make, so the sky is the limit.

2. AirPods Connector

Apple's AirPods are one of the most successful in recent years. Instead of the usual 3-4 steps it takes to connect to your Mac without Alfred, this AirPod workflow syncs in one simple step.

  Alfred Workflows Airpods Connector

Select AirPods after installing the workflow. Connect to your AirPod from the Bluetooth drop down and type “airp” to connect or disconnect later. To change to another Bluetooth device, enter airp config and select the desired Bluetooth device.

3. Google Maps Directions

  Alfred Workflows Google Maps

Using Google Maps directly from Alfred doesn't seem to be an easier solution than when you open your browser. Once the Google Maps Directions Workflow is installed, it's easy to enter go2 or Directions into Alfred, and then enter the destination address. When you press Enter, Alfred opens your default browser and displays a Google Map with route, directions, and the rest of Google's feature rich map menu.

4. Kill Process

Nothing gets worse than an app that doesn't work when you're at work. Killing macOS processes is not faint in mind, but Alfred is easy to get.

  Alfred Workflows Kill Process

If Chrome stops abruptly Kill Chro Alfred displays all processes currently in use in your browser. Select the browser or tab you want to kill, and Alfred takes care of the rest.

5. Basic Web Search

  Alfred Workflow Web Search
8 of the Best Alfred Workflows to Be More Productive on Mac - pcinfo 9

One of Alfred's time-saving workflows is the ability to quickly access various search options. There are all favorites like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Amazon, and it's much easier than opening a browser. To get started, start your search with the keywords you want. To search Google, type your search term after Google and press Enter.

6. Slack Upgrade

Both remote and office teams know the power of Slack. Strengthening Slack with Alfred makes already useful apps even more useful. The limit of what you can do with this workflow, such as easily switching between channels, groups, and personal messages, is sky. Type

  Alfred Workflows Slack
8 of the Best Alfred Workflows to Be More Productive on Mac - pcinfo 10

slm press Tab type your message, and press Enter. Searching for attachments or files is as fast as typing slf and selecting the correct file.

7. Apple Mail Search

Apple built-in Mail app users know that searching isn't always the most important. Enter the Mail.app Search workflow to quickly turn on the search window. You no longer have to waste time looking for a specific message.

  Alfred Workflows Apple Mail

After installing this workflow, you can find exactly what email you want. This workflow includes a variety of sender names and email addresses ( emfrom ), email attachments ( ema ), subject lines ( emsubj ), and combinations. Enable the search function. Both the subject line and the email content ( em ).

The results are displayed in real time as you type and when you press Enter in the mail message you are looking for, it opens directly in the Mail app.

8. Apple Notes Search

  Alfred Workflows Apple Notes
8 of the Best Alfred Workflows to Be More Productive on Mac - pcinfo 11

Apple's Notes app can be a skeleton when compared to giants who use notes like Evernote or Microsoft's OneNote, but they're done. Unfortunately, the search feature often gives you more results than you need.

Alfred rescued This Apple Notes workflow lets you find exactly the notes you want with powerful search features. If you type n (n [part of note]), the search term you want is followed by results.


Using Alfred and workflow has no reason. It's unproductive on a Mac. Check out this workflow and let me know which workflow you want.

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