7 Best Weapons In OSRS and How To Obtain Them

Having the best weapons in OSRS is important in the off chance that you need your persona to advance and for you to finish more missions and trips in the play.

Some of the Extraordinary Weapons can be obtained through rare drops, while others will require a decent measure of OSRS Gold to obtain.

We’ve put together a roundup here of the best OSRS weapons and how you can get them.

Weapons in OSRS

Divine Sword Saradomin

With slash damage of +132 and a Strength reward of +132, the Divine Sword of Saradomin is an incredible weapon that can make your life significantly simpler once won. This sword can increase your max hit by 10% and doubles your accuracy.

You can make Saradomin Godsword yourself by joining 3 Godsword fragments found in God Wards Dungeon and a Saradomin Hilt. In any case, you should have an Attack level 75 to use this weapon.

Vitur’s Scythe

This double slash weapon in OSRS will expect you to have basically level 75 Attack and Strength. The great thing about Vitur’s Scythe is that it can hit three of your opponents simultaneously as long as they are in your surrounding region. In case you are simply facing a lone beast, all things considered, you can hit it multiple times in a lone assault.

The moment you have this weapon with you, you’ll get a +75 Strength Bonus, a +70 Stab Bonus, a +30 Crush Bonus, and obviously a +70 Stab Bonus.

You can get Vitur’s Scythe as a rare drop in the Theater of Blood. This is possibly the most troublesome weapon to insure.

If you’d rather avoid the monotonous cycle of getting this thing, you can get it straight from RS gold locales that offer OSRS stuff available to buy. Simply pay in OSRS gold or genuine cash and trust that your Vitur scythe will be delivered to you.

Toxic blowpipe

The Toxic Blowgun is an excellent weapon that requires a level 75 rank to use. You can do this using an etching on a tanzanite tooth, however you must not have less than a level 53 Fletching to do it as such.

The moment you use this weapon, you gain a 25% chance to inflict toxins on your opponent.

Nether whip

The Abyssal Whip is extraordinary compared to other single use fighting weapons in OSRS and is a favorite weapon when preparing this OSRS experience. It is known for having a rare assault that drains your opponent’s running energy.

This OSRS thing requires attack level 70 to employ. You can get this as a rare downfall from Nether Demons, but you must have a level 85 Assassin to face it.

Rapier Ghrazi

Another rare drop from OSRS Theater of Blood, the Ghrazi Rapier is known for its high assault reward and strength with decent assault speed. This fierce cutting weapon has a +94 Stab Bonus and a +89 Strength Bonus and will require a level 75 attack for you to use.

The name of this OSRS weapon alludes to House Ghrazi, a vampire house known for its hostility during fights.


Dragon Scimitar

This OSRS weapon expects you to have no less than a level 60 attack and you should have finished finishing the Money Madness I journey. The Dragon Scimitar is the most robust of its kind and, along with the Abyssal Whip, is perhaps the most robust weapon. known used for the preparation of OSRS skirmishes.

For non-Ironman, you can get this from Great exchange.

For Ironman, you can get this Dagger Smithy Scimitar weapon in Ape Atoll for around 100,000 coins.

Long sword of the third age

Considered the best long sword, this OSRS weapon features many highly detailed rewards, including a +72 slash bonus, a +75 strength bonus, and a +60 crush bonus. To use the Senior Longsword, you must have a minimum level 65 attack.

This weapon is famous for the fact that instead of a cutting assault style, it is anything but a smashing assault style.

You can buy this sword from the Grand Exchange or get it as one of the rare prizes from Elite and Master Treasure Trails.


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