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Raspberry Pi combines low start-up cost with relative ease of use, making it one of the single board computers for lovers after the initial launch. Among the only things that prevented us from enjoying a wider use, there was only reasonable hardware specifications.

This product has changed with the release of the Raspberry Pi 4. This newest model has the most powerful iteration of the hardware, with a whole new set of features. Categories of things you can do with the app

1. Desktop Computers

Technically, I was always able to run the Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer, but the old iteration was pretty weak. With the Raspberry Pi 4, not only is the hardware generally faster, but you also get a pair of micro HDMI ports that can run two 4K displays.

  How to use your Raspberry Pi 4 with your desktop computer

Set your RAM to 4GB, run a pair of monitors and connect external drives. At the very least, you don't run complex 3D modeling software at ultrafast speeds, but it's enough to perform common computing tasks.

2. DIY Media Streaming Box

Streaming players like Amazon Fire TV and Roku are always getting better, but if you use your own, it might be better. The updated hardware and 4K display perfectly fit the new Pi into building 4K streaming boxes.

It is recommended that you install the selected Linux distribution and add the Open Source Media Center (OSMC).

3. Retro Gaming Machine

Earlier versions of Raspberry Pi were able to play classic games with the help of the RetroPie project. You can continue to play all existing games, but with the updated hardware specification, you can play your existing games with much more hardware-intensive emulators.

  How to Use Raspberry Pi 4 in Retro Games

People haven't found the Pi 4 limitation yet, but they can start by installing the emulator instead of RetroPie. You may be surprised at how many old games you can run on your new hardware.

4. Digital Audio Player

Why is it bothersome to change CDs in your home stereo? If you have a digital music collection, you just need a Raspberry Pi and a USB digital-to-analog (DAC) converter and have a high-resolution player that can power your hi-fi system.

It was possible in previous versions of Raspberry Pi, but on newer hardware, software should have an easier time decoding high bitrate files.

5. Steam Link Box

Valve may have stopped the standalone Steam Link device, but that doesn't mean you're not lucky when playing PC games on your TV. Why do I move my PC to the living room when I get that game on my TV using Pi 4 and some software?

  How to put Raspberry Pi 4 Using Steamlink

Simply install the Steam Link app. From the Valve website. The Raspberry Pi team tried it on their own and was happy with the results.


Of course, the above five ideas are only a few of the many options. If you have previously tried using Raspberry Pi for your project but it's not powerful enough, you can try again. Small computers have always been powerful but now they are more powerful.

Raspberry Pi can get hot on your computer with maximum performance. To keep it running for as long as possible, refer to the guide that will help keep your Raspberry Pi cool.

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