5 Things Never Knew That You Could Do In GTA 5

5 Things You Couldn't Do in GTA 5

  Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 has become one of the most popular video games that people have begun to create a criminal empire. This game was officially released in 2013 and thank you for restarting GTA online. It was only available on the Playstation, but now you can play GTA on your computer. GTA 5 has become one of the best selling video games after Tetris, Minecraft and Wii Sports.

GTA 5 is an amazing game that has to be complicated and too much work. This is a vast game, so I missed the hidden features. So this article is for GTA 5 fans.

5 5 things you can do in GTA 5 you couldn't.

  • Take selfies in cut scenes

One of the fun and unknown features of GTA. Snapmatic pawn app that allows the player to save all the documents they are doing in-game.

When a player opens a Snapmatic app on their phone when a cutscene occurs, the player starts taking screenshots and selfies. action.

5 things never knew that you could do in gta 5

  • Dress up as another Rockstar game character.

There are so many unique shapes you can take when customizing with 3 main characters while playing GTA 5. You can use Michael to do a lot of customization.

GTA: You can watch Michael in his 80s fancy outfit from Tommy Vercetti of Vice City. You can get a luxurious Hawaiian shirt to see Max Payne Rock in Max Payne 3.

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The amazing customary pass on Grand Theft Auto will make two ghosts stretch far and wide. There have been legends about ghosts appearing in the game since a good day, but some progress has been made due to gta 5 data downloads .

Several players saw the secret crest of dark smoke and saw detailed names. But the "nutrition" of a particular area is the most attractive (and practical) model of the ghost of Mount Gordo. When the player is most likely to climb Mount Gordo in the game between 2pm and 12pm, you will see the girl's ghost.

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GTA 5 is very interesting underwater. Here you can do regular activities like swimming, diving and knifing sharks. If you have a submersible vehicle, you can start these and explore the depths of the hidden ocean.

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  • Don't fall into a country for the elderly

Whenever you need to feel like you're in a Coen Brothers movie, Rockstar has made you secure. One of the irregularities that can occur in the GTA 5 area is the bomb medication transaction. You will experience many trucks with horns and bodies flying in place on both humans and shit assortment.

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