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There is a lot to like about Discord, a mobile chat server for the community. It is free to use and manage, provides VOIP support, and is very customizable thanks to support for bots.

Here are five of the best Discord bots to use.

1. MEE6

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots currently available. Extensive features and support are provided.

  Discord Bots Mee6

Most Discord bots are designed for server arbitration, and MEE6 is not disappointing. You can set up silent mode rules to troubleshoot issues such as server spam. MEE6 administrators can automate penalties by configuring a "strike" system if the user violates the rules on a regular basis.

The bots are customizable, so you can create custom welcome messages as well as create your own custom commands. You can set your own commands to allow users to set their own roles.

There is also a leveling system for users. Ordinary users can "level up" to the next highest level based on server activity. You can set up your own rewards, such as additional room access or new roles.

If you already know how to add the Discord bot to your server, it's not difficult to run MEE6. Invite the bot to the server to get started.

2. RED

If you want a bot, you can truly customize it. RED must be on radar.

  Red discord Bots Red

The modular approach of RED means that two servers running RED are not equal, but have some core functionality. Like MEE6, mediation is the central feature with commands to kick or ban, as well as to filter messages.

Quiz bots and casino games, music playback, gif search, automatic server messages and more. Like MEE6, you can customize bot commands. You can also customize the bot's name and avatar to match the individual style of the server.

If you do not have the features you are looking for, you can extend RED with python-coded plug-ins (or "cogs"). ). You can search for community production plug-ins on the RED website.

3. Dyno

Dyno is another polish Discord bot from Polaris used on more than 1.6 million Discord servers. One of the biggest advantages is its extensive web dashboard, which gives you complete control over customization.

  Best Discord Bots Dyno

Everything controlled through the web dashboard is hosted on Dyno, so you do not have to host it yourself. . There are a wide range of tuning tools with custom triggers for automatic review.

Dyno makes it easy to create roles so that server administrators can create new ranks associated with server roles. You can also perform server channel tune-ups using the "Remove" command, which deletes messages in bulk depending on the user, server, or age.

It's not just about mediation. You can set up a boat DJ with an individual playlist, play a slot game, search for random facts, and search for random photos.

4. Tatsumaki

Fun is the terminology best suited to Tatsumaki bots. Colorful and full of interesting features that server users can use to "improve user activity" with the words of the project itself.

  Best Discord Bots Tatsumaki

It is a bot that can handle all base. It is designed to improve manageability, increase server usage, and deliver fun commands to users.

Tatsumaki's review feature does not require configuration. You are ready to use commands such as controlling users (bans, mutes, etc.), organizing messages, organizing welcome messages, and so on.

You can search YouTube, find cat facts and play hundreds of games. Assorted games, and server-wide voting. There is an extensive leveling system that can use XP depending on your activity.

5. Pancake

More than 300,000 servers use Pancake on the Disord server. It is simple to use and offers a good balance between fun commands for users and comprehensive reviews for administrators. You do not have to worry about server hosting because it is another very large bot.

  Best Discord Bots Pancake

With a customized review system, you can control everything from voice chat to user interception. You can use the rights system to configure reconciliation teams with different permissions.

There is an easy-to-use music playback system supported by many sources, including SoundCloud and YouTube. You can make your server more vivid with social features such as casino games, image search and joke commands.

Because there are hundreds of commands available, there is something for everyone on the pancake dispatcher server.

Customize the Feud Experience

Discord is a great platform for small and large communities to cost little by little. These bots add music, games, and add-ons to help you improve your server and improve your experience.

Do you have your own Discord server? Try these bots and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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