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Improve Productivity with Five Microsoft Excel Hardware / Software Addons

Google’s latest blog post was written on various Excel keyboard covers by guest blogger Al-Chen, co-founder of KeyCuts. Learn about the most common Mac Excel keyboard shortcuts used by financial analysts, consultants and 10 MBA high school students.

As we all know, Microsoft Excel is considered one of the most useful tools in the workplace. Excel experts use keyboard shortcuts as if you’re playing a piano, and you can use advanced formulas and VBA scripting to do the real work in Excel. However, using Excel incorrectly can significantly reduce your productivity.

If you are familiar with how to write formulas and program VBA, the only variable you can control is speed. The following are the top five Microsoft Excel add-ins (hardware and software) that can help you speed up and increase productivity in Excel.

1) KeyCuts Silicone Keyboard Cover

[19659006] This keyboard cover will learn Excel keyboard shortcuts to the next level. Guides you through the top 20 hotkeys most commonly used for data manipulation and formatting. One of the best parts of this keyboard cover is that it’s made of thin, flexible silicone and it’s easy to remove your Macbook keyboard. Covers come in a variety of colors to add personality to your Macbook. Do you spill debris or dust on your keyboard frequently? This cover protects your keys from everyday use!

5 microsoft excel hardware software add ons to boost your productivity excel with business
2) Excel Utilities

Not to be confused with ASAP Utilities, this handy add-in is for powerful Excel users. It was used to perform advanced tasks, but I need additional shortcuts and buttons to quickly perform advanced tasks. Something like unhide all sheets, unprotect all sheets, and keyboard shortcuts for working with conditional formatting.

3) 4 Keyboard Excel Sticker

A simple sticker that can be pasted on your keyboard to show Excel keyboard operations for specific keys on your keyboard. For example, the letter V has the word “paste” and tells you that you can press CONTROL + V to perform the paste operation.

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4) Analysis ToolPak

An add-on developed by Microsoft that lasts as long as Excel! Add-ons allow you to perform complex data analysis related to statistics and engineering. When used with data, this add-on reduces common statistical tasks such as regression, correlation, and sampling finding to a few seconds.

5) ASAP Utility for Excel

With “The Most Popular Add-on for Excel Users”, this add-on can save you minutes and hours with repetitive data manipulation tasks. In general, tasks that require writing formulas are solved with a simple button click. Quickly remove leading, trailing, and excessive spaces with a lot of spaces from imported data. You can quickly create multiple worksheets by assigning them automatic names. Select cells based on their content and formatting. The list goes on.

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