3D Touch a folder to see only apps with notifications

  Perhaps the best 3D Touch trick of all time.
Perhaps the best 3D Touch trick of all time.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel / Cult of Mac

You are going to L-O-V-E this advice. Do you know how sometimes you see a folder on the home screen of your iPhone and there is a red notification badge on the folder? That badge is a summary of all unread notifications of applications within the folder. Of course, at this point you simply ignore it, because you don't want to scroll through the pages of applications never used inside the folder, just to see which applications have unread alerts.

But what if there was a way? to quickly see which applications in that folder have pending notifications. Well there is! And you'll kick yourself when you see how easy it is.

3D Touch a folder to see a list of applications with distinctive

Without further delay, here is the trick in action, as revealed in Cult of Mac by Joe Buhlig on Twitter :

Yes, if you press and hold / 3D Touch in the folder, a panel will appear with a list of all applications that have warning badges. List only applications with alerts. It also puts them all on a practical list, so you can touch a specific application to open it and deal with whatever it contains.

  Never have the words OMFG been more true.
Never have the words OMFG been more true
Photo: Cult of Mac

And that's it. Perhaps you already knew this incredible trick, in which case, why did you never bother to tell me? And if I didn't know this trick, then I hope his mind is as impressed as mine when I first saw it.

Bonus: If you are running iPadOS 13, you can also do this trick with folders on the iPad This This is because iPadOS 13 supports 3D Touch presses on the iPhone (without the actual 3D Touch part).

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