22 predictions for social media in 2019

That is the end of 2018. Despite a few days remaining this year, the content industry is already undergoing many developments and predictions and can be forgiven by readers to show interest in more festivals to finish this year. I have a lot of work to do personally, but I plan to spend time planning 2019. The Interface is going to be a big year, so you need to spend some time on Twitter and keep it in shape. There may be a bonus issue or two things. At the end of the year, we can post some stories related to our interests. Otherwise, daily summaries of today's top news about social networks and democracy will be returned on January 7th.

And what kind of world will we go back to? We asked you to share your forecasts for social media on Twitter in 2019 on Twitter and there were many ideas. (Unfortunately I heard it almost exclusively from a man!) Let's look at some of my own suggestions.

SOCIAL NETWORKS : Monte Thigpen predicts more paid social networks. . Existing wisdom argues that as many people as possible operate a social network only if the social network works. However, existing wisdom may seem wrong.

Nik Sharma is one of those people who think 2019 will go back to group chat with social networking . I said this in a recent episode of Recode Decode . Taylor Lorenz said in 2017: Because it's how long it will live in the future. (19459006) Dave Smith says " Apple or Google will try some sort of social network again. " Ryan Ruark This is especially helpful for Discord and Slack Will be added. We believe that former Facebook winner Michael Sayman is cooking a kind of social app at Google, so we support this prediction.

Policy : Oremus "The head of state of total inclinations

Bret Carmichael expects to take action on national privacy.

FACEBOOK : People who expect the industry to compete by 2020 and to pass national legislation until California's privacy legislation goes into effect, Ken Goldsholl ] Predicts usage will decrease in North America Brandon Arvay predicts that he has paid for a Facebook group membership INSTAGRAM : It is expected that the content of the North's content / foreign interference will be improved and there will be new concerns about long-term business. Matt Wood predicts that Instagram's ongoing Facebookification project will continue, but also predicts that the app will continue to work [2019] is the year Facebook stories get torn off, suffering from serious data breaches I do not speculate, but I think 2019 will see some sort of calculation through Instagram, its charismatic founder is gone, and the media is waking up to a horrible problem that has been boiling for a long time.

Tu-Ram Pham says Shopping will have a breakout year at Instagram . You are expected to see standalone shopping apps in 2019.

TWITTER : Knowing that Pfeffer is going to hurt me, " I predict that there will be dozens of controversial UI changes on Twitter, none of which will be included." Probably right.

Kevin Middleton Unexpectedly tweeted after the Tumblr fiasco this year says she is leaving the App Store with adult content .

YOUTUBE : Former Facebooker Ben Cunningham predicts a larger set of long-form content on YouTube . We were able to see "continuous" but could you see the video? How about "S-Town" or "Slow Town" or "Caliphate"? Some people will love to see. To get an idea of ​​what this looks like, check Shane Dawson's article series at the infamous YouTube conference TanaCon.

No one has predicted that YouTube will control the issue of right-wing extremism.

SNAP : Cunningham predicts more augmented reality at the expense of everything else. Without a surprisingly intense product Snap will be a difficult year.

TIKTOK : Nobody sent a TikTok forecast unless we count AppAnnie's public relations agency. "10 minutes in 2019 One hour per hour spent consuming media on TV and the Internet will come from individuals streaming video on mobile App Annie believes that this growth is due to the growth of social video apps like TikTok and the growing popularity of Instagram And short films from social media apps like Snapchat. "

We do not know if TikTok is boiling up most of the time. Now you can see whether Facebook is traditionally the most feared and underdeveloped social network, or already feathered.

NEW APPS: Alex Adam DM is a funny prophecy about a new social app that connects various chat apps together. Adium style

Maybe later this year or next, IFTTT for chat applications, "which means you have created a pleasantly well-funded start-up company. If they set the time correctly, there will be many ballyhoo until the main platform arbitrarily blocks API access and becomes lame. It will work with IRC, gchat, uhhhhh, yo anyway.

Alam predicts that with the significant growth of Mastodon, "six or more" Tumblr replacements will fail.

Jannick Malling says the next generation of social apps adds social features to existing vertical apps.

"You will think more about every app type, whether it's real estate, mental health, financial investment, or scooters. [operating system]

If you want to connect with other apps and build a sense of community around them in all your niche interests or activities

TROLLS : Cry out the following joke prophecy:

Thank you for reading Interface this year. Time spent together in 2019 with Happy Holidays.

Facebook photo leak

Facebook released another data leak on Friday due to the development in 2018. Affected by up to 6.8 million people, this site allowed 1,500 apps to view photos that 876 developers could not access. Jake Kastrenakes said:

Facebook said that bugs related to Facebook login and errors related to its photo APIs allow developers to access Facebook photos from within their apps. All affected users have been given the ability to sign in to third-party apps and view photos using their Facebook account.

Facebook's engineering director, Tomer Bar, says, "I'm sorry to hear that Facebook is released in New York exactly one day after you start installing pop-ups to show you how your users can" manage your personal information "on your site.

Josh Constine is expensive on Facebook at TechCrunch

Facebook did not release it when it first found a bug, but in response to a TechCrunch question, the spokesperson found it on September 25 They say the company needs to investigate the affected apps and people, write alert notifications to affected users, and take some time to translate. The problem is that the GDPR is subject to a fine of up to 20 million pounds per year or 4%

However, Facebook is considered to be a reportable violation of the GDPR on IDPC November 22, according to the GDPR guidelines on November 22. IDPC Graham Doyle's communications chief told TechCrunch: "The Irish DPC has been notified several times by Facebook since Facebook introduced the GDPR on May 25, 2018. If you refer to this data breach, including violations of the question, "

Charlie Warzel says it no longer fits our company's data:

Timing is fun – Facebook officially found bugs publicly At the end of September, we released a massive bug that exposed 30 million users of personal information. In October, the vulnerability was not only the e-mail and phone numbers of some users, but also profiles such as gender, location, date of birth,

There are two serious vulnerabilities in the same year as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and millions of users have been involved on Facebook as well, Screw-ups resonate in a range that affects tens of millions of people

On the other hand, unless people upload extremely sensitive photos to Facebook, very personal information is leaked.

On the one hand, the e-mail was definitely leaked, No, the adverse impact of this latest breach may seem limited. "Constine has determined that the user has uploaded but has not decided to publish, has been interrupted due to connectivity issues, or has never been shared." I think it's foolish to think of my own photos that fit my description: self, hazy low-light shots, and other camera roll confusions. I would rather not be embarrassed by third-party developers, even if they are not third party developers

Future discussions will focus on timing: Facebook Facebook When I knew it, it fulfilled my obligation to the regulatory authorities. I also expect this event to be a repeated paragraph in the story of the Privacy Act of 2019, where there will be many people.

Recently I have met friends who say they are limiting their social media use. In a nutshell, you are deleting mobile apps and occasionally visiting sites like Facebook on your desktop. (Last year, when I turned off all notifications on Facebook, I used this version to reduce my apps in a few minutes throughout the day.)

I ask people about this. Sometimes there is only one disadvantage. But more often, I think it's a steady increase in annoyance and scandal that push people to top priority. At some point in time, people say, "I run away with it." The details of this latest infringement are probably not the same concerns that I had when I first saw it in the headlines.


Jack Dorsey ran a government-organized hot air balloon in Myanmar

That would not be the right end. Without an update to the endless Veep episode that was Jack Dorsey's world trip, we would like to thank Ryan Mac for this timely update of the 2018 post.

Faced with an uprising in Myanmar that experienced serious sectarian violence and genocide by social media, CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter launched social media services earlier this week. He said his trip was "purely personal". It was to improve meditation practice, wrote a series of tweets, and had no dialogue with governments or non-governmental organizations .

Now, on a Facebook bulletin board shared with BuzzFeed News, Dorsey has been on a designated hot air balloon by the Burma government for more than 10 days. A spokesman for Twitter confirmed that a balloon ride was done, but Dorsey said he had no idea that the government was involved in the flight.

Forget Big Oil. Google is a new goal for activists.

Gerrit De Vynck and Josh Eidelson say Googlers are facing external pressure to the company's decision.

"When I joined Google, I was never Amnesty International." Harris added a sad emoticon on his tweet to Twitter. She adds to another tweet on November 30, adding, "I once showed that Google (which seemed to actually pretend to be) has done much more than increasing its advertising revenue." [19659052] Harris company's product manager did not respond to the comments request. Leadership in Google Dragonfly Project Ryan Gallagher posted a useful organizational chart for Project Dragonfly.

A total of 300 Googlers are available. 0.35% of the company's 88,000 employees engaged in censored search engines designed to blacklist a broad category of information on human rights, democracy and peaceful protest. The search platform connects the Chinese users' search history with their mobile phone number and shares their search history with the Chinese partner company, enabling Chinese security organizations to routinely target activists and critics to obtain data.

Yellow Vests French activists protest and plan through Facebook

Elian Peltier and Adam Satariano have found at least two yellow vests on Facebook that they think play an important role in the movement.

"Both fuel each other, Mirallès, 27, a real estate agent in Perpignan, who mediates for protesters who recruited more than 305,000 members of the Facebook group." Without Facebook, Is gaining strength from the energy of the street. "[…]

" We are not sure that Facebook will play a role of amplification, "said Normardi, a nurse at Normandy, who was a spokesperson for Ingrid Leavasser (age 32)

Neo Nazi organizes paramilitary training throughout the United States.

Ben Makuch and Mack Lamoureux share their social network "The Base" " It seems to be an effort to convert the Nazis into a physical violent rebellion in a divided digital space. "The FBI will be able to explore this too, please?

Spear And the global web of established terrorist cells are discussing networking, propaganda, direct contact arrangements, potential violence or direct action. "Ethnic minorities, especially Jews and black Americans, Includes instructions on wolf terrorist tactics, guns, data mining, interrogation tactics, anti-surveillance techniques, bomb making, chemical weapons, and guerrilla warfare.

Sending out devoted extremists around the group with a clear focus on providing terrorist skills to users.The members of The Base made it clear that they were recruiting volunteers with military and explosive backgrounds, In addition, the members of the second uninvited explosive device System began to discuss attempts to find the weapons.

Facebook was redeveloped as a cutting-edge experiment killed quietly building 8 Skunk wok units. Hardware

Rob Price is silent and silent on our skin, building 8, formerly known as DARPA and Google's legendary Wilhel Wonka-style magic laboratory. down. It would have been written on the wall when Dugan was ejected in 18 months last year. ""

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