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Void download of Woofunnels Aero Checkout

Aero Checkout canceled Optimize your WooCommerce checkout pages for more conversions.

Features of Woofunnels Aero Checkout WP Plugin

  • Default checkout is tedious and overwhelming
    You can’t add, delete, edit, or even reorder form fields without getting help from your developer. Or split the form into multiple steps.
  • It is not designed to allay user fears.
    User anxiety peaks on the checkout page. Sections like testimonials, support, and warranty help pacify you.
  • Not optimized to close sales on mobile devices
    50.3% of traffic comes from mobile. Most users never complete their purchase on a single device, they switch midway. Isn’t it time to optimize for mobile devices?
  • Create a multi-step checkout form with a progress indicator to minimize friction
    A long payment form looks intimidating at first glance. But if you break it down into several steps, you can collect the basic details first, followed by billing and shipping.
  • Offer cart modification options on the checkout page
    You can add a mini cart on the checkout page. Let users delete and recover deleted items.
  • Persuade prospects with credible evidence
    It is a mistake to think that people go to the payment page to swipe the card. They still have last minute doubts about the purchase.
  • They may not even use these contact details, but just having them makes a world of difference. It also adds a nice human touch to the most important page of your store.
  • Show reasons to believe in crisp vignettes
    Use the ‘why buy from us’ section to give them reasons to hit the buy button.
  • Embed the payment form in a landing page
    Aero gives you shortcodes to embed the payment form in a landing or sales page.

Download Aero Checkout WordPress Plugin

Free Download Woofunnels Aero Checkout Gives you ready-to-use templates, built-in forms, one-page checkouts, and everything you asked for


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