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WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication Void Download

Protect your WooCommerce store from a security breach and hacked account with WooCommerce two factor authentication bypassed. This plugin implements two-factor authentication seamlessly on your login page!

WooCommerce Two-Factor Authentication Overridden Features*

  • Supports the standard TOTP + HOTP protocols (and also supports Google Authenticator, Authy, and many others).
  • Displays graphic QR codes for easy scanning in apps on your phone/tablet
  • TFA may be available by role (for example, available to administrators, but not subscribers)
  • Each user can enable or disable TFA
  • TFA may be required for specific user levels, after a defined period of time (e.g. requiring all admins to have TFA, once their accounts are one week old) (Premium version), including forcing them to configure immediately (by redirecting them to the page to do so)
  • Supports front-end editing of settings, via [twofactor_user_settings] shortcode (i.e. users do not need access to the WP dashboard). (Premium version allows custom design of any design you want.)
  • Site owners can allow “trusted devices” where TFA codes are only requested for a chosen number of days (instead of every login); for example, 30 days (Premium version)
  • Works together with “Theme My Login” (both forms and widgets)
  • Includes support for WooCommerce and Affiliates-WP login forms
  • Includes support for Elementor Pro login forms (Premium version)
  • Includes support for bbPress login forms (Premium version)
  • Includes support for any and all third party login forms (Premium version) with no additional coding required by adding your TFA code to the end of your password
  • It doesn’t mention or ask for the second factor until the user has been identified as one with TFA enabled (i.e. nothing is shown to users who don’t have it enabled)
  • Compatible with WP Multisite (plugin must be activated on the network)
  • Simplified user interface and code base for ease of use and performance
  • Added a number of additional security checks to the original forked code
  • Emergency codes for when you lose your phone/tablet (Premium version)
  • When using the front-end shortcode (Premium version), ask the user to enter the current TFA code correctly in order to activate TFA
  • Works together with “WP Members” (shortcode form)
  • Administrators can access the codes of other users and activate or deactivate them when necessary (Premium version)

WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication Free Download

WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication Free Download the plugin has 11 different OTP options, 2 different security levels and 10 different languages. In addition, it includes 14 days of free installation.


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