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Winaero Tweaker Latest Version 2021 Free Download is a handy little tool that allows you to change and modify your Windows installation to different degrees. The product offers an amazing roundup of highlights, a beautiful user interface, and numerous customization options.

Winaero Tweaker Latest Version 2021 Free Download is a generalized and easy-to-use utility that allows you to change the presence of your operating system with just a few mouse clicks. The program allows you to make a wide variety of changes to your framework. It has extensive functions that allow you to have a better control of your work system.

The application is divided into two regions, the left contains all the alternatives and accessible settings, while the privilege contains all the data of the chosen choice. Winaero Tweaker alternatives are efficient and easily accessible. Classifications such as appearance are found on the left tab along with their particular subcategories and alternatives.

With Winaero Tweaker Latest Version 2021 Free Download you can modify your PC as you prefer. The application has a reasonable and instinctive user interface that allows you to optimize your system with just a couple of mouse clicks. The program allows you to explore a wide variety of visual updates that can be applied with a single mouse click.

You can choose various tasteful niceties like tones, accents, levels and vertical separation for images and windows, text styles and much more. Also, we are discussing a solitary alternative here, Aero Lite.

While some customers will appreciate the degree of visual customization the app offers, most of us will likely change the framework settings, and there are plenty out there. You can adjust various options, for example, B. freeze the lock screen, enable or disable other customer accounts, including admin, bulk store downloads, startup projects, and more.

Features of Winaero Tweaker Latest Version 2021 Free Download

  • Data: View data about your PC’s equipment and framework.
  • Air Colors: Change any Windows Aero setting, including those that can’t be changed in Control Panel.
  • Air Lite: Enable the Aero Lite secret theme.
  • Appearance Alt + Tab: Change secret mysterious alternatives in Alt + Tab speech.
  • Title Bar Shading – Enable shades for window title bars in Windows 10.
  • Opaque Color Scheme – Here you can enable the dim shading scheme for Windows 10 framework settings and apps.
  • Shadow of inactive title bars – Change the shadow of dormant title bars in Windows 10.
  • Disable Aero Shake: Disables or starts Aero Shake operation.
  • Disable driver updates – Disable driver updates in Windows Update.
  • Weakened web search: Disable web search on system board and Cortana in Windows 10.
  • Cripple Action Center – Disable or enable the Action Center component in Windows 10.
  • Cripple Live Tiles: Disable Live Tiles for universal apps (Metro) without delay.
  • Empower Windows Photo Viewer – Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10.
  • Automatic update of Store apps: Disable or enable automatic reactivation of Store apps in Windows 10.
  • Cripple Cortana: Disable Cortana in Windows 10.
  • Weaken Windows Defender – Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Edge download envelope: Change the default download organizer in Microsoft Edge.
  • Stop PUAs – Stop PUAs that Windows will introduce accordingly.
  • Windows Defender System Tray Prompt – Show or hide the Windows Defender System Tray Prompt.
  • Application Switch Hover Interrupt: Change the application switch Hover Interrupt delay.
  • Charm Bar Break Slide: Change the deferral when the charm bar scrolls.
  • Current App Shutdown Options: Speed ​​up the final season of Metro apps for mouse and touch.
  • Home screen rotary switch: Show or hide the force button on the home screen.
  • Mood Killer Telemetry: Stop Windows 10 from monitoring you.

Also, using Winaero’s tweaker is as simple as tapping the “Empower for” checkbox for whatever setting you need to change.

There are a ton of updates you can find with this program, and they are generally very reasonable. If you are interested in setting your Ethernet connection to “metered”, you can find it under the heading “Organization”. Note that deliberate connections finish basic tasks like inline tiles, email requests, and other highlights that you might find significant.

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File Name: Winaero Tweaker 2021 Latest Version Free Download

File size: 2.4MB

License: Free

Supported OS: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7

Author: Winaero


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