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Smart Notification Override WordPress Plugin Download

Receive notifications with Smart notification overridden you are welcome! Does your cell phone ring but you’re sitting at your desk? Make sure that never happens again. Smart Notification Nulled open source cross-platform service allows you to send desktop and mobile push notification messages to IOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Windows 10, Windows Phone 8,8.1 and BlackBerry 10 platforms. Integrated with Titanium, PhoneGap, Cordova and

If you are looking for an amazing WordPress news reader, look no further. Smart Notification Nulled is the best WordPress mobile app out there, and it’s fully integrated with WordPress! Also, it has a powerful dashboard to create apps. It’s the best thing since sliced ​​bread!

WordPress Smart Notification Plugin Features

  • Platform Compatibility IOS/Android/Windows 10/Windows Phone 8,8.1/BlackBerry 10/Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera/Samsung Browser
  • Impressive Geo-fencing capabilities and automatic Geo-fencing messages to send any device automatically when it is in a selected area
  • Supports automatic events from BuddyPress, wooCommerce and bbPress and a powerful tool to detect and create any custom events for WordPress
  • Send messages to user groups
  • Integrate with Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Supports localization, so now you can download the .PO file to translate it to your language
  • Send push notification messages in a server cron job or elegant instant send
  • Send desktop push notification messages for Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • 3 different ways to request push permissions from visitors popup, icon or native signup window
  • Delay time to show push permissions method request
  • Pop-up box and icon in different screen positions
  • Option to show push permission request only for registered users and administrators or special parts of your site
  • Pay to read to force visitors who subscribe to your push notification service to continue reading your content
  • Visual statistics for each campaign.
  • Visual statistics for all campaigns and all system progress
  • Detect and track the GPS location of your visitors
  • Send scheduled push notification messages with repeat times
  • WordPress widget support for your visitors to subscribe on your dashboard with channel options
  • Meta box to mute the push notification message or choose deliveries to certain channels
  • The plugin can send push notifications when some optional events occurred
  • Mobile payload generator in event manager
  • Edit Push Notification Event Messages Before Sending Using WordPress Filters
  • RTL style supported
  • Feedback service for IOS/Android to find and disable invalid devices (i.e. devices uninstalling your app)
  • Give you a detailed report after doing the shipping operation
  • Powerful panel to manage the token of your registered devices
  • Powerful control panel to send messages.
  • Archive of sent messages
  • Smart tool to remove duplicate token data
  • Insert device token data and prepare to send in queue system
  • Connect and send the messages in the queuing system that avoids overloading the server
  • Pause/resume the prepare and send operation at any time
  • Send 1 million messages in 20 minutes (Tested on Hostgator Shared Hosting Hatchling package)
  • Send iOS messages with personalized badge, sound, lock key and image
  • Very easy to set up, Very easy to use
  • Automatically reconnect if any errors occur, such as push servers not responding
  • Send additional values ​​with your message in JSON or normal format (i.e. used by developers to send values ​​like element ID, top URL opening, etc.)
  • Handle any server errors during sending operations like
  • Connect and read device token values ​​from any custom table in any Localhost/Remote database
  • Connect to multiple databases at the same time
  • Categorize subscribers using the channel system
  • Text message processing to send as many characters as possible
  • Smart to cut your message if it exceeds the size allowed by Apple
  • Wonderful easy dashboard to view and process shipping operation
  • View the instant log while sending push messages that inform you of the connection status, server response, and any errors related to the push operation.
  • Supports BuddyPress push notifications
  • Supports wooCommerce push notifications
  • Supports bbPress push notifications

Download WordPress Plugin for Smart Notifications

No matter where you are, get back to the heart of your WordPress site with Smart notifications free download . This fully integrated WordPress mobile app is your new best friend. It is easy to use and works with any custom post type or taxonomy from the WordPress dashboard.


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