15 Best Racing Games for Android

Racing games are one of the most popular of all mobile games. It’s a highly competitive genre and there are actually a lot of good options out there. The racing game was one of the first to utilize cell phone hardware, utilizing an accelerometer as a kind of steering wheel to steer a car.

There are other methods of control, but turning the phone is a classic racer component. This is also one of the most diverse genres, with a great selection of both free and premium options. Here are the best racing games for Android!

1. Asphalt 9: Legends Download Free

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is Gameloft’s latest racing game and the latest in the popular Asphalt franchise. Great graphics, solid mechanics, and tons of content to play. It includes over 800 events, weekly and monthly events, and online PvP action. You can also get up to 50 cars to unlock, various upgrades, and more.

The partial monetization strategy is a bit more aggressive than we usually want. But other than that, it’s a good arcade racing title with some of the best graphics of any racing game. Asphalt 8: Airborne is still actively updated if you want a more mature title. Also, the Asphalt Xtreme is another great arcade racer in the franchise, but with an off-road vehicle.

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2. Beach Buggy Racing 2 Free Download

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is very similar to games like Mario Kart. A kart racer with a variety of special abilities that give you an edge. Players race across different tracks in different locations, each with its own obstacles. The game includes 45 power-ups, over 40 karts to collect, online PvP, various customizations, and several other game modes. I wish it had tertiary features like offline play and google play games achievements. After all, this is a Vector Unit game from the same developer in the Riptide GP series. The Riptide series has these features. Otherwise, it’s a good game.

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3. CSR Racing 2 Download Free

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing series is one of the most popular racing games. CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game. You buy cars, add upgrades, and then you race. There is a campaign mode with many races. You can even race online with people if you want. Lots of cars to collect and the graphics are actually pretty good. A good time killer in the racing genre. CSR Racing 2 is a partially paid game. That’s not bad, but something to be aware of.

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4. Dirt Trackin’ 2 Free Download

Dirt Trackin’ 2

Dirt Trackin’ 2 is the sequel to one of the best racing games on mobile. The sequel is pretty good too. The game has 5 different tiers of cards, a career mode, customizable cards, and a few different control schemes. It also boasts above-average mechanics, varying difficulty levels, and customizable controls for players along with PvP multiplayer.

Of course, the graphics aren’t the best for most games on this list, but it’s better than the first game in the series. However, the level of customization and the content itself more than compensate for this. The affordable premium racer with no in-app purchases or ads.

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5. Grand Prix Story Download Free

Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is a racing simulation game from Kairosoft. The developers are really good at making quirky, simple simulation games with decent mechanics. You will be the boss of your team. This will put you in charge of educating drivers, securing sponsors, and winning as many races as possible.

A great approach for those who love racing but prefer a hands-on approach. Those looking for a realistic experience may be disappointed. But still not a bad game. It is also a one-time payment game with no in-app purchases.

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6. CarX Drift Racing Free Download

CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is a drift racing game. There is a lot of content for the simplicity of the premise. It includes a campaign mode, over 20 cars to unlock, 10 tracks to play, and a ghost mode. Ghost mode allows you to race the best time on the tracks you have completed. There is a defect. There is no way to save the cloud. It’s also not a very big game. That’s not bad, but something to keep in mind.

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7. Real Racing 3 Download Free

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the most popular car games. It has also been around for a long time. The game features over 140 cars, a time trial, online multiplayer, 17 tracks to race on. The game boasts over 4,000 career events. But with only 17 tracks, it repeats after a while. This is one of the biggest and most extensive racing games on mobile. It should pleasure for a while. Be careful in multiplayer. There are some payouts.

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8. Top speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing Free Download

Top speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing

Top Speed ​​2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing is the latest game in the popular racing franchise. It has decent graphics, lots of content, and is mainly focused on drag racing. You can customize and upgrade your vehicle if you wish, unlock more than 70 real vehicle models, and engage in multiplayer options.

Other game features include three different maps, different difficulty levels, and leaderboards. But the real story here is customization. There are thousands of combinations of car parts, decals, colors, and other customizations in this game. It’s not perfect, but most people seem to like it.

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9. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 Download Free

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is one of the best motorsport simulation games on mobile. You act as the manager of the race team. This means hiring and training drivers, devising pit-stop strategies, and even reacting to changes in the weather on the track. Players can watch the races or participate on their own if they wish. Also, the deep strategic elements of the game keep you going for a long time. This is one of the good guys. No doubt about it.

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10. No speed limit Free Download

No speed limit

Need for Speed ​​​​No Limits is the latest mobile game from the famous racing franchise. This is not as good as the console. But not bad for casual racing fans. There are cars to unlock, places to race, and over 1,000 campaign races. Many of them are fairly repetitive, but at least there are options. Don’t be fooled by the name. This game has its limits. That said, half isn’t bad for a partially paid title.

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11. Traffic Rider Download Free

Traffic Rider

The traffic Racer game has a simple motivation to finish the race before running out and avoiding crashing into other cars. The graphics are stunningly stunning and there is a day and night shift. There are 29 motorcycles to choose from, and sounds are recorded from real motorcycles to provide a wholesome experience.

By completing missions and completing levels, you can unlock new and upgraded motorcycles. There are various game modes such as Career Mode, Endless Mode, Free Ride, and Time Trial Mode. You can get bonus points by running faster and overtaking traffic cars. A very simple game, but challenging.

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12. Mario Kart Tour Free Download

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has somehow brought back Mario Kart for smartphones with decent controls and traditional gameplay. Mario Kart is a racing game where the goal is to get the highest honor in each cup. Classic tracks have been modified and redesigned to make them easier to play. The track is short and the race only runs on two laps, leading to short, mobile-friendly sessions.

Single input touch works well and the controls are very simple. Swipe up to fire weapons feels natural as if you swipe down from behind. The windy part is tricky with touch controls, and when you fire a turtle shell at your opponent, it feels like the original Mario Kart.

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13. Gear.Club – True Racing Download Free

Gear.Club – True Racing

Gear Club is an addictive racing game with impressive graphics and visuals that look very realistic in stunningly beautiful locations. The game world surrounding the racetrack is equally beautiful and well-crafted, while the authenticity of the cars is superb.

You will agree that the developers and designers of this game have certainly taken the time and put a lot of care into refining this game’s visual experience and performance. The game certainly doesn’t lack in the player department either. This game is fun to play with many modes, events, and championships. You can also connect with friends and play online.

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14. CSR Racing 2 – Car & Drag Racing Game Free Download

CSR Racing 2 – Car & Drag Racing Game

CSR Racing 2 sets the bar too high for drag racing games. The game allows you to do anything with your car, sell it, peel it off to move parts, or even tune it for different mods and many other fun things. Compete and compete with your opponents in in-game challenges and defeat them before you can come to the top.

Most games require you to spend real money on customizations like getting premium colors or skin models. But here you just have to spend your in-game money to buy those paints and accessories. The most fantastic thing about this game is that it has an AR mode. This means you can actually experience the feeling of driving in the driver’s seat. Its popularity helped it to become number one in the racing games category on the Apple Store.

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15. Real Drift Car Racing Light Download Free

Real Drift Car Racing Light

Real Drift Racing Car: Lite is a boon for those who can’t afford to buy a luxury phone to save them from a world of boredom. The game does not require a powerful processor or large amounts of RAM or storage as the download size is only 146 MB.

It has an average rating of 4.4 stars and has over 10 million downloads, proving that it is actually reaching a wider range of players. The graphics are not very good. But the gameplay is better with little customization and maps. The sole purpose of the game, like any other racing game, is to entertain the player. And we’re sure you’ll love its simplicity and great performance!

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