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Say your opinion about Google, but the old search engine demon has a nice taste and a sense of humor in the design department. Over the years, Google has accumulated a number of hidden games. Many of them first appeared in relation to anniversaries, but now they can continue to play games.

Google has disappeared as there is no great repertoire of secret games yet. Most add the most addictive Halloween on Halloween. Scroll to see how to view games and other games in our gaming library.

1. Magic Cat Academy

  Hidden Google Games Magic Cat Academy

Taking us to Halloween 2016 is this beautiful hand-painted Google game about an endless cat. Intangible ghost. Magic Cat Academy is very simple because you stand in the middle of the various levels and cast a line corresponding to the symbol above the ghost head.

The action is recovering very quickly and will continue for a long time. It swirls in the constant flow of spectral destruction. There are five levels in total and you can regenerate your health by swiping the heart shape anywhere on the screen. Good luck!

2. Falling Cloud Game (Google App)

  Hidden Google Games Cloud Games

Do you remember Flappy Bird? Who does not? A clever, simple and profitable game that laughed at the scene of blowing new things into the air like fish flying across the screen was a week's worth before it went away forever.

Well, Google looks a lot nicer and instead clouds. If you do not have the internet, go to the Google app. Here you should see a circle icon with a cloud and a play button below. Tap this icon to start the game!

3. Text-adventure “/>

I wanted to go back to the late '70s with graphics and UI? Well, I can do it. To access hidden Google games, open Google in Chrome and enter & # 39; text adventure & # 39 ;.

To access a well-hidden Google game, open Google in Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + I Text-adventure-console “/>

Text adventure begins.

14 hidden google games you need to play make tech easier

4. Great Ghoul Duel (Google Doodle Archive)

Google has gained a lot of games in endless trick boxes, but so far there is no online multiplayer experience. Great Ghoul Duel has an overactive Pacman shade. As you and your teammates slip through volatile libraries, cemeteries, and other haunting locales, they rarely collect sparks to return to base. The team with the most flames wins!

 “/> “/> When collecting the flames, the other team gave your ghost the tail. Then, they will slide in, steal, and ride back to their own bases. You can host games and invite friends and family.

You are no longer on the Google homepage, but you can play it in the Google Doodle archive.

5. Garden Gnomes (Google Doodle Archive)

October 19459009 In June 2018, Google celebrated Garden Day in Germany by announcing Google Doodle themes around gardeners.


Anyway, you can click on this doodle to start an addictive game that's worth gnomes. As long as you can use a kind of tremor. It's a bit brutal, but it's really like Angry Birds.

The Doodle has been removed, but it can be found in your Google Doodle library and can be played at any time. I like you.

6. Playing Cards (Google Search)

You can play classic card matchers, the first game that many people play on their computer, directly through Google Search.

Type "solitaire" into Google Search and press Enter. It's an old game exactly the same as you always remember-it's about stacking cards in descending order. It looks great with the design of Google.

7. Smarty Pins

Google's in-house terrain quiz quiz was once accessible directly from Google Maps by typing "cool pin" in the search box. For some reason this cool quiz game no longer exists, but you can find it at smartypins.withgoogle.com.


Place a map pin in a location where you can find an answer via Google Maps, asking all the way (from moderate to challenging). Points are collected in the form of "miles", and you can get a sensible hint if you are having difficulty. Do not waste your time because it is overwhelming and educational.

8. Flight Simulator (Google Earth)

Although Google Earth has been in use for a long time, Google Earth is still around the globe, offering a range of features that are available everywhere in the world.

Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator that allows you to travel around the world using real airplanes. You can also select whether to play the SR22 or F-16 jets and play using the joystick (if any). Our advice is to turn on 3D buildings. In other words, you will experience a city like San Francisco with its dark, yet 3D glory. Download and install Google Earth on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer

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