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Google Chrome has enough features to shake flags or shake flags more appropriately. Chrome Flags, one of Chrome's broadest repertoire areas, offers a database of experiment features and can enhance your browser in ways that are not always fully operational, but are not.

The best chrome flag for your tuning pleasure. In addition, the Chrome Flags area has been visually redesigned to match Google's overall "Material" theme lately, but still functions as before.

How to access Chrome flags

Before using this Chrome flag, you need to know how to access it. Type chrome: // flags in the Chrome address bar and press Enter.


You can use Chrome's "find" () to see a large list of Chrome flags. ] Ctrl + F ) allows you to quickly find the functions listed below. Add a URL at the end of the ability to paste directly into the Chrome address bar without going through the process above.

1. Disable autoplay video

 Best Chrome flag autoplay policy

When navigating online, there are a few more inconveniences and frustrations than a sudden visual and sounding video. These videos often stay too long at the edges of the screen, so it's not immediately obvious how to stop them.

If you do not want these videos to play automatically, you'll need to change the Chrome flag "autoplay policy." Find it in Flags, click the drop-down next to it, and select "Require document user activation."


 Download best Chrome flags parallel

Chrome Flags has many features that can speed up your search, many of which are enabled by default. One of the speed up features is "parallel download", which speeds up the entire process by splitting each file that you download into three separate tasks.

If Chrome flag type "Parallel Download" appears in the list, click "Default" and then click "Enable".



It's not a secret for Google to feed Google data for Blood, and using Chrome to some degree always has the privilege of the smoothest browser experience around data. However, you can mitigate Chrome's unique privacy infringement.

Top sites from participating in your site : If you disable this feature, Chrome will track popular sites and not sort by popularity. New Tab Page

Hyperlink Audit: Disable this feature to prevent the hyperlinking audit ping from being sent when interacting with certain onsite elements. By default, disabling this feature will reduce the amount of tracking on a given site.


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