10 Best Adventure Games on PC in 2021

Adventure games have thrived thanks to their focus on story and characters. And as opposed to violence, a few tricky riddles set the genre apart. Characters usually get along through words or thoughts instead of fighting, but full-throttle protagonist Ben may have a few things to say about it. We return to the list frequently to make sure it is as up-to-date as possible and represents the best that the genre has to offer. So you can rest assured that the list below is just a classic.

1. Grim Fandango Download Free


The dialogue, characters, world, and imagination power Grim Fandango into one of the best adventure games ever. Set in the Land of the Dead in Mexico, where everyone is either a skeleton or a demon, the recently deceased must solve all the crimes he has committed before embarking on a perilous four-year journey to enter the Ninth Underworld. A world cleverly realized with the influence of film noir and staggering crime and corruption.

The game features some of the best characters ever written, including the protagonist Manny Calavera, who has to save Mercedes Coloma, a woman he thinks is wrong. The friendly, car-obsessed demon Glottis won’t get out of place in the best Disney/Pixar movies, and Manny is one of the most easily cool and likable player characters in adventure games.

Often dull puzzles can slow you down, but just exploring and interacting with this beautiful world can make up for this stimulation. Tim Schafer’s journey into Mexican folklore still represents the pinnacle of proper cinematic-level storytelling in video games. Don’t mention that wretched demon beaver.

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2. Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge Free Download

Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge

The Secret of Monkey Island changed the genre and put LucasArts on the Adventure Throne, but Monkey Island 2 is a complete improvement in all areas. The lovable loser Guybrush Threepwood is one of the most lovable characters in video games. His desire to become a shabby pirate and win the heart of Governor Elaine Marley is noble. The problem is that he’s utterly incompetent, more confident than capable, and messing around with life.

He is also being chased by the zombie pirate LeChuck, who killed the ghost in the first game. Elaine, of course, has nothing to do with him. The result is witty, regular, out loud conversations, wildly memorable situations (think spitting contests, skeleton dances or mardi gras fries, etc.), and games that are both challenging and yet challenging. It’s always fun.

Monkey Island 2 is the pinnacle of outrageous comedy adventures and one of the best adventure games on PC. They don’t come out more fun than this, and the Special Edition somehow enhances this point-and-click game even further with flawless voice acting, painted backgrounds, and a remastered soundtrack.

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3. Broken sword Download Free

Broken sword

Imagine Uncharted without the jumps and guns boasting a plot that hints at what a fun Dan Brown novel would be like. You’ll get a reasonable picture of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. As with the Monkey Island series, it’s hard to decide which of the first two titles is the best, but in this case, the first game just has the upper hand.

Laid-back American George Stobart’s Paris vacation is interrupted by a bomber dressed as a clown, where he is dragged into the conspiracy world of the Templars. The story is great, and Developer Revolution keeps the tone bright even when darker moments smear. But what forms the backbone of the franchise is the chemistry between George and French photojournalist Nico Collard.

Great writing and voice acting make Broken Sword one of the best adventure games on PC. But there’s the infamous ‘goat puzzle’ that has been gently ridiculed in many adventure games since then, including the Four Broken Sword sequel. Self-awareness is at least half the battle.

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4. Day of the Tentacle Free Download

Day of the Tentacle

When it comes to puzzles, Day of the Tentacle is one of the best adventure games you can play. It’s not dull or means, and it’s all the more impressive when you consider that players have to manage three characters over three different time periods. As Doc Brown said, you have to think in four dimensions. This is proof to Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman, and the rest of the team that this never feels overwhelming.

Day of the Tentacle is still very fun, comical, timeless pretty, and includes the whole of LucasArts’ early adventure, Maniac Mansion (Easter Egg, the game Day of the Tentacle is the sequel to). If you’re asking for a classic adventure that you must play despite the prowess of other point-and-click games on this list, we’ll send you this way.

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5. Life is Strange Download Free

Life is Strange

Developer Dontnod managed the seemingly impossible issue in Life is Strange. They came from Telltale’ed Telltale. Life is Strange boasts resulting choices, a better and more expressive graphics engine, and, most importantly, a completely original setting.

The main character, Max Caulfield, is a photography senior working with a classic Polaroid camera, and everyone else sports expensive, top-of-the-line digital gear. She’s instantly adorable, charmingly weird… and has the ability to rewind time.

That this game-changing superpower isn’t the most impressive in Life is Strange is a testament to the Dontnod team’s writing prowess. Max’s relationship with their ex-best friend Chloe, and the way Max reconnects after he leaves his life, is at the heart of the story that puts the game in the sacred company of the PC’s best adventure game.

you will cry You will make a bad choice. And you will do even more when you meet Shawn and Daniel in your life. Life is weird 2 Rewind and makes completely different choices that you regret in a whole new way. I will be with Max and Chloe until the end of the world. Literally. Other recent games include Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror, but I still prefer Dontnod’s first game.

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6. Gone Home Free Download

Gone Home

In Gone Home, released in 2013, you play as a 21-year-old girl who returns home from abroad to discover that her house is empty and her family is missing. Players search across the house for notes and letters explaining where the girl’s family is.

Some critics consider Gone Home to be more of a “walking simulator” than a real adventure game, but Gone Home has all the elements of the adventure genre. Players are tasked with navigating a specific environment and solving puzzles by combining notes and letters. Some stories need to be clarified, but most of them are told through volatile circumstances. Gone Home makes for a great discussion after completion, as it’s up to the gamer to interpret the story.

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7. The Witness! Download Free

The Witness

Released in 2016, The Witness may be one of the toughest indie games in history. The game places you on an abandoned island and you have to navigate through obstacles. You have to solve line puzzles to pass the obstacles.
In most cases, the key to solving a line puzzle can be found in the environment (eg arranging a fence or the shape of a tree branch).

Players must pay attention to the environment to deduce how they can solve each line puzzle.
The puzzle-solving and exploration aspects are obvious, but the storytelling is fairly… introspective. We will leave it to you.

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8. Firewatch Free Download


In the 2016 game Firewatch, you play as a ranger named Henry, patrolling the serene and lonely wilderness of Wyoming. It’s the perfect setting for a tense mystery that Henry will ultimately have to solve. The graphics are beautiful, the exploration is fun, the atmosphere and the story are guessable to the end.

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9. Kentucky Route Zero Download Free

Kentucky Route Zero

Released in 2013, Kentucky Route Zero is an episodic point-and-click adventure game in which you play as a truck driver who travels along with a fictional Route Zero for delivery. It’s best not to give up much of the story, but be aware that the game can best be described as a “magic realist.”

The 2D art style is very effective at conveying a gloomy and intriguing glowing atmosphere. The first 4 acts were released on Steam and the developer website, and the climax 5 act hasn’t been released yet.

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10. Portal Free Download


Portal is probably the most popular first-person puzzle game ever made (unless you count the sequel). You play as a human lab rat testing a “portal gun” that can open two interconnected portals. Use portals to navigate obstacles, solve puzzles and fight enemies from time to time. Of course, you realize that not everything is what it looks like in this lab. Portal’s puzzles are fun and challenging, but never frustrating and will give you great satisfaction when figuring out how to complete them.

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This is the riddle of the PC’s best adventure game solved. For more casework, read our list of the best police games. From now on, you can go back to using real logic to solve problems and you don’t have to try to put everything in your pocket together. If you’re looking for a little more running, jumping, and/or clubbing, check out our best action-adventure game.

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