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Vocab24 # 1 Vocab Apps: Editorial, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary v7.1 [Subscribed] APK Free Download The latest version for Android. # 1 Download full APK for Vocab app: ad text, quiz, grammar, dictionary v7.1 [Subscribed].

Overview and Function of the # 1 Vocab App: Ad Text, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary v7.1 [Subscribed]

Outline: Vocab24: Reading Daily Newspaper Editorial and Vocab and Grammar Smart Way.
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Looking for an A to Z English solution? If yes, the search ends here. Introducing Vocab24 (# 1 Vocab App), which covers a lot as described below.
The list of functions of Vocab24 is as follows.
12 AM – Daily Vocab Video
12 AM – 10 New Vocab
12:00 am – Quiz
12 AM – Daily Vocab Video [5:00am-Hindueditorialanalysis
5 am – 11 am – New view
11 am – New compilation
7 pm – International Editorial
7 pm – Facial error rule
] 9:00 pm – Today's word
9:00 pm – Words of the similar day
9:00 pm – Verbal verb of the day
9:00 pm – Idiom
10:00 pm – Today's game
2) Read the newspaper commentary: – from the best newspapers such as Hinduism, Economic Times, India, Hindustan Times.
3) Click on a meaningful word. – If you are stuck in reading, find meaning in basic languages ​​such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.
4) Learn 10 new words using the tricks every day. – Synonyms, antonyms & pictures. You can also hear the pronunciation of each word.
5) Try daily quizzes and get all Indian rankings: Daily quiz with 25-30 questions in different sections such as synonyms, antonyms, one word, nearest word, nearest exam
6) English in a clever way Learn: – Concepts in Hindi and English, Learn English as a video.
7) Grammar with Concepts Video: Learn grammar with concepts and videos in Hindi and English.
8) Comprehensible video concepts: – In this section you will learn nearest tests, improve your sentences, and rearrange your sentences.
9) A to Z Vocab Video: More than 60 Vocab videos, pictures, including 3000+ words as a trick to remember for example
10) Paper Vocab for the previous year Paper: SSC and Banking tests are available in Hindi and English Old paper vocab with video
11) 300+ idioms & phrases: – Hindi & English.
12) 200+ Phrasal Verbs: – Meaning, examples and vi Including meaning, pictures and video in Hindi and English
14) 200+ similar words: – Includes meanings, synonyms, examples and videos in Hindi and synonyms
13) 150+ Root Words: Meaning in Hindi and English,
15) 800+ Practice Tests: – Synonyms, Synonyms, RC, Cloze Test, Sentence Improvement, One Word Replacement, Spelling Errors, Spotting Errors,
16) Vocab Booster Games: – Improve your vocabulary through various games.
17) Dictionaries: Hindi, Hindi, English Hindi, meaningful words or phrases.
18) Translation: – Translator App, Translator Offline, Translator Hindi – English, Translator English – Hindi
19) Spoken English: – Speak English, speak English, speak English for 30 days.
20) Examination Specific videos: – English grammar and English vocabulary for SSC CGL, SSC IELTS, IAS, NDA, CDS, Beginner, Adult, ESL, AFCAT, Advanced level,
Travel, writing, everyday use, children, low placement, English vocabulary for first grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Employment interview.
WHAT & # 39; S NEW
Thanks for reading about Vocab24. This update includes the following: –
1. Bug fixes.
2. Better test report.
3. Easy bookmarking and access.
4. Low Version conflict issue resolved.
5. Vocab Improvement Using Games
This app has no ads

# 1 Vocab App: Editorial, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary v7.1 [Subscribed] APK – Technical Details

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# 1 Vocab App: Editorial, Quiz, Grammar, Dictionary v7.1 [Subscribed] APK FREE DOWNLOAD

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